Since this story, the crosswalk has been completed. The following photos show the art piece as of July 21.

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Main Street Fairmont painted a crosswalk on Washington Street to commemorate Russell Yann, former owner of the popular Yann’s Hot Dog Stand, who died in January 2021.

The group painted a white and red checkered section with “no ketchup” symbols since Yann was known for not using ketchup on his unique hot dogs. They started on July 11 in the early afternoon and plan to finish on the evening of July 12.

Yann’s Hot Dog Stand donated to Main Street Fairmont, which helped supply them with the tools and paint to complete the project.

Main Street Fairmont Program Manager Shelby Dillon mentioned that it is important to do projects like this for the community.

“I love that we get to take a piece of Fairmont history and put it out, to where everyone driving by gets to see it and enjoy it,” Dillon said.

Main Street Fairmont’s purpose is to beautify and revitalize the downtown Fairmont area. Dillon added that if they can do something as simple as painting a crosswalk, it means a lot to the community and downtown, as well as other businesses that are there.

If you haven’t been to Yann’s, the hot dog stand is known for its unique dogs with spicy sauce, onions and mustard, and absolutely no ketchup. Unlike most restaurants, Yann’s opens early in the morning Tuesday through Friday and sells hot dogs until it runs out, which is sometimes even before lunchtime.