FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Disability Action Center in Fairmont began its annual summer camp called “Camp Can-Do.” 

Throughout the week-long camp, the children will visit places such as the Homestead Game Center and the Bridge Sports Complex for activities. This year, the kids will also learn flight prep and will get to ride in an airplane at the Fairmont Municipal Airport.

The airplane activity can be a challenging experience for some of the campers. Maggie DeNoon, DAC program coordinator explained that they like to offer new experiences at the camp to help someone overcome fear. 

The activities all tie in with the camp’s theme of onwards and upwards. 

“Often times the individuals that we serve are put down or looked at as less than, and we are all about encouraging—encouraging one another, helping out in the community. They have as much of an ability to help one another as you and I. So, just really encouraging that upbuilding and uplifting theme,” DeNoon said.  

DeNoon added that moving to the new DAC building earlier this year has allowed the center itself to grow onward and upward, and they have a lot of plans to continue to grow in the future.