FAIRMONT, W.Va. – East Fairmont currently shares a sports complex with Fairmont Senior at East-West Stadium. However, that looks like it could be changing in the near future.

A meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss the idea of adding a sports complex to East Fairmont High School. This idea hasn’t come from nowhere either according to school officials.

“This has been something that has been discussed for many years,” said East Fairmont principal Mary Lynn Westfall.

Those involved with the planning process with East Fairmont saw developing a stadium on their campus as a win-win scenario for both them and Fairmont Senior.

“It just gets more crowded at East-West stadium,” Westfall said. “There’s a lot of activities over there, a lot of teams trying to share the same space, get practice time and play time. Sometimes we’ll have conflicting events that we have to work out so it’s just something that I think would be beneficial and it would help open up opportunities for both schools.”

East Fairmont Head Football Coach Shane Eakle shared a lot of the same thoughts.

“The big thing for Fairmont Senior too is that we’re taking some of the time up that they have,” Eakle said.

Despite the project taking two to three years to develop, according to Westfall, Eakle said he has seen a lot of eagerness with the idea.

“A lot of excitement across the board,” Eakle said. “A lot of our kids are involved in band, soccer to football to track and field. So it’s going to effect a lot of people.”

The estimated costs, according to East Fairmont’s principal, is said to be around $7-8 million.

“We have got a lot of fundraising to do and seeking donors so we welcome any assistance we can get,” Westfall said.

East Fairmont is looking to have a six to eight lane track at the facility. They also plan on opening the facility to public use if they decide to build it.

East Fairmont will have another meeting June 21 to further discuss their goal of bringing a stadium to the school.