EAST FAIRMONT, W.Va. – East Fairmont’s McDonald’s general manager, Vanessa Bryant, recently received an “Outstanding General Manager” award for the 2021 year.

This award was given based off of:

  • Sales
  • Staffing
  • Promoting
  • Survey
  • Customer service

Vanessa Bryant had no idea she was receiving this award; her supervisors told her to dress up and look nice for a “meeting,” but turns out they were recognizing several outstanding managers for the 2021 year. Director of operations, JD Owens and Paul Lucas, gave out the award to Bryant.

Bryant said she is proud of three things in her store that matter most—cleanliness, customer experience and the happiness of her employees.

She believes it is important to receive awards like this because sometimes working in fast food can be a thankless job. She said it is nice to be recognized not only at a store level, with the owner and supervisors looking down, knowing she is “taking care of business.”

Bryant said, “I just, you know, am very thankful for my customers and my staff, they are super awesome, even though there’s times when it’s frustrating, we just, kind of just stick together, work hard, and just, you know. And then it shows, and receiving awards like this that their work does matter, so, I greatly appreciate it. It was really awesome to get.”

At the East Fairmont location, Bryant mentioned that they have a lot of customer loyalty. The customers are very forgiving and she appreciates it. She preaches to her staff that as long as you are nice to people, they will do the same in return.