Easter egg hunt caters to children of all ability levels


For more than 10 years, an Easter egg hunt has been hosted by the Fairmont Disability Action Center. The event caters to children of all ability levels. 

Nearly 50 kids gathered at the Fairmont Disability Action Center Saturday for its annual Easter egg hunt. The Center partners with the Special Olympics of Marion County, Fairmont Regional Medical Center and Woodmen Life to make the event possible. 

“A lot of times, at a regular egg hunt, some of the kids that are faster, they get out there. And by the time these kids are able to get out there, all of the eggs are gone. We want to give them a chance to have that same experience and fun of collecting the eggs, and getting the candy, and all of that kind of stuff,” said Lauren Graham, Fairmont Regional Medical Center. 

About 1,000 are hidden throughout the center. 

“We do always extend the opportunity first to our wheelchair users to get out there and kind of give them a little bit of a jump start on the fun. But we have eggs hidden inside, outside, everywhere, even in all of the offices. So, really, no place is off limits to them. So, it’s really just a fun chance for them to get out, run around, and collect as many, like I said there is a 1,000 eggs, there’s a lot,” said Graham.

 Mandy Hoffman said her daughter Sydney enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the Easter activity. 

“Sydney has a rare genetic disease called Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, so it’s very difficult to take her out where children are just running everywhere, she would get trampled by other children, so she has always come to this egg hunt, because she’s able to get multiple eggs and she has fun,” said Hoffman.

 Sydney always has a basketful when she is done with the hunt. 

“She gets very excited to get the eggs and get the candy, because usually, like I said, when we’re at other places, she doesn’t actually ever get any eggs because all of the other kids, they can run and have better mobility beat her to them,” said Hoffman. 

Following the egg hunt, kids were able to visit with the Easter Bunny and win door prizes and games.

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