FAIRMONT, W.Va. – East Fairmont High School students are holding a fundraiser to help others in need and to raise money for their events.  

Shoes that have been donated to EFHS (WBOY Image)

The Class of 2023 is collecting new or gently used shoes to donate to developing countries to create job opportunities. The shoes will be collected by Funds2Orgs and distributed to micro-enterprises around the world. The shoes will then allow micro-entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell the shoes to support their families.  

“It’s a great way to help other countries, and this is our way that we can help them by donating shoes that we don’t need anymore,” said Lydia Wright, an EFHS student. 

“Micro-enterprises are small businesses that are started with, typically, low investment capital. These micro-enterprises are run by one person or a few family members or friends. Funds2Orgs works with micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to provide them with inventory to sell to make a living wage for themselves and their families. Because of systemic poverty, few work opportunities provide sustainable incomes, so many must create opportunities for selling merchandise and products in their communities, including shoes.” 


The more shoes the class collects, the more money they are paid out by Funds2Orgs.  

The money raised will go towards the Class of 2023’s prom, graduation and any other events they hold.  

East Fairmont High School sign (WBOY Image)

“We’re very low on funds, and we were trying to think of things that people would want to donate or give back to,” said Jamie Deane EFHS Social Studies teacher and Class of 2023 Advisor. “We didn’t want to sell another t-shirt or sell candy bars again.” 

The class has already collected dozens of shoes but is only at 10% of their goal. 

Bags filled with shoes collected by EFHS (WBOY Image)

Donations may be dropped off at East Fairmont High School or at the Marion County Board of Education until Feb. 1.  A special drive-through shoe drop-off will take place at the Board of Education Office on Saturday, Jan. 29 from noon to 3 p.m. 

Deane is also available to pick up shoes. She can be contacted at tdeane@k12.wv.us.