PLEASANT VALLEY, W.Va. — East Fairmont High School held a ribbon cutting at 9 a.m. on Oct. 7 for their new “Interact Club” that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fairmont and Rotary International.

Members of the Rotary Club spoke in front of the students. The advisor of the new club also made her remarks before asking the five officers of the club if they accept their new positions. After the students said “I do,” they celebrated with the cutting of the ribbon, and got to have refreshments and doughnuts.

The Rotary Club of Fairmont has always wanted to start up a club within’ a school in their area, and as of Friday, they finally did. However, East Fairmont High School had a club a few years ago, but with the changing of staff and advisors, the club lost its way. They are very excited to be partnering with the school to get the club up and going.

East Fairmont High has been talking about bringing this club to fruition since July, in which they have recruited a total of 23 students to take part in it.

Laura Candell, Fairmont Rotary Club president, believes that this club will help foster a network of connections with the students and communities. The students will be helping around the Fairmont community to get involved and familiar with important organizations near them. Candell said, “one of the things even employers and colleges, trade schools, that they look for is what is your community involvement and service with and around your community. This just gives these students an outlet to get involved and do some big projects. Several of these students go between the bee keeping club and now, interact clubs, and they’ve already expressed interest in wanting to help with local food pantries and with some of our service projects.”

Science and biology teacher, Jamie Ford, will be advising the club at the high school. She also is a member of the Fairmont Rotary Club and plans to coordinate between projects and leading the students toward their goals within the club. Ford plans to make the classes either weekly or bi-weekly during homeroom, depending on other club schedules. Most of the students involved with the new club are also in the beekeeper club, along with others.