FAIRMONT, W.Va. – As the holidays roll around, lots of people are putting up string light and breaking out the extension cords for all their decorations, but one veterinarian is warning about the danger of electrocution with your pets.  

Dr. Scott Moore of the Fairmont Veterinary Hospital said it’s hard to stop the curiosity of your pet if they like to chew on lights, but he recommends light cable tunnels. They encase the cords so that pets can’t get to them.

If you do see your pet chewing and being electrocuted, make sure you act quickly but smartly to keep yourself safe too. 

“If an animal were to bite into a cord and electrocution is occurring do not grab the animal. Unplug the cord. If you grab the animal, you can become electrocuted as well,” Dr. Scott said. “So, biggest thing to understand is that if it occurs, unplug whatever it is that’s causing the problem and then seek medical attention.”  

Dr. Scott said if there’s a real problem with your pet chewing on light cords around this time of year, owners should consider just removing the lights altogether.