FAIRMONT, W.Va. – A Fairmont family is bringing the magic back to Christmas with their “The Blink is Back” light show. Every year the Lenharts decorate their house on Morgantown Avenue in Fairmont to the extreme.  

The Lenhart house on Morgantown Avenue (WBOY Image)

“It’s fun,” Chuck Lenhart said. “It’s just fun to watch people. It’s fun to do. People seem to like it… I really enjoy watching people enjoy it.”  

Singing snowman in the Lenharts’ light show (WBOY Image)

Chuck started the tradition three years ago – with his wife’s permission. He said he wanted to be the “happy house” around Christmas time. Drivers can park and turn their radio to 90.5 to be serenaded by snowmen to 12 classic Christmas songs.  

The 37-minute show requires a lot of preparation. Stringing up the lights takes about three days, but the synchronized programming starts way before that. Chuck meticulously works with his snowmen and lights for months in advance. Programming just a single song can take up to 10 hours.   

But the Lenharts don’t do it to only spread Christmas cheer. They also have a donation box to raise money for CASA of Marion County. The nonprofit advocates for abused and neglected children who need safe and permanent homes.  

CASA of Marion County (WBOY Image)

“We have a couple friends in our family that work there and we kind of decided as a family (to donate),” Chuck said.   

The annual show has been warmly welcomed by the neighbors and has made the family name famous in the community.   

“People will come up to me after they hear my last name, and they go ‘do you know the Lenhart light show?’ and I’m like ‘that’s my dad’,” said Hannah Lenhart, Chuck’s daughter who does some of the artwork for the props. “So, it’s been a lot of fun the whole community loves it.”  

And the higher electricity bill is worth it so they can bring a little magic back to Christmas. 

The Lenharts’ Light show (WBOY Image)

“Whenever you get older and become an adult Christmas kind of loses its magic so the fact that we have this to look forward to every year as a family is really special,” Hannah said.  

The show happens on a loop every night from 5 p.m. to 10. p.m. Chuck gets everything up and running the day after Thanksgiving and takes it down a little after New Year’s Day.  

CASA donation QR code (WBOY Image)

The Lenhart light show can be found on Morgantown Avenue in Fairmont or online on Facebook. Cash or check donations can be dropped in the donation box, or they can be made virtually through PayPal by scanning the QR code on the box. All the money goes directly to CASA. Last year, the Lenharts raised $2,800. 

Every year, Chuck adds to the show with new props and new songs. He said he will continue to do the show as long as he is able.