Fairmont business owner finds store broken into by deer


A Fairmont business owner was left in amazement more than shock, after he finds the front window of the shop shattered.

Eric Monthe, said as he went to open up the doors of the A Pied Shoe Store he first thought the business had been vandalized or broken into. That’s when a witness told month that it was not done by a human – but a deer, who ran directly into the window and took off down the street after not be able to get in.

Boards covering the front window, where the deer hit.

“Until we die we are not going to see everything. In a million years I would’ve never thought that someone would say you are going to see a deer come in and bust out a window. I would’ve expected anything, except that. But again, that’s wild life. You don’t know what to expect and today is a new day and new journey. I think the future will be bright,” Eric told 12 News. “The person that told me said he saw it for himself. He said I saw the deer, if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t have believed it. I saw the deer run into the window and then take back off down the street,”

Monthe said he and his wife will not allow the store’s front window damage to be a setback for the business, but rather motivation.

” For me the only thing I offer the community is to just step in and take a look and suggest. We are always open to suggestion. If you see something, if you want something if you don’t like something we are always open to suggestion. We want to be a part of making the community better we want to keep growing with the community. So the only thing we are asking is to just support the business,” said Eric.

A Pied will remain open everyday, as the Monthe’s look for the community’s support through sales to help raise money for the repair.

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