FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont Catholic is holding a carry-out Spaghetti Dinner to raise money.

This event is the first fundraiser the school has been able to hold due to the pandemic. They will be serving two meatballs, a salad, and a dessert with a dish of pasta, all picked up and paid for like any other drive-through restaurant.

All the money raised goes into books, technology, and other supplies the students use at Fairmont Catholic. Not being able to hold events has caused a severe deficit in the school’s financials, but Maika Merriman said these events do more than raise money.

“It really goes with our mission statement, to give back to the community and involve our families, our students, and create our own community within the school,” said Merriman. “Especially during the time right now with covid, it allows us to come together in a way and be present, and show our children that it takes a community to get through difficult situations.”

The event will be held Sunday, September 27, from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m., or until they sell out. It will be held at their Partner in Education, Knights of Columbus building on Mary Lou Retton Dr.