Fairmont City Council discuss enacting of a parking equipment deposit


Fairmont City Council met Tuesday evening and discussed imposing a fee on those who lease a parking space from the city.

A first reading was held to set a public hearing on assessing a $25 deposit on equipment that provides access to leased parking lots within Fairmont. If passed the city will require that anyone who leases a parking space to deposit a $25 fee to ensure the return of parking equipment including any hang tags, access cards, or reusable sticker.

“We just want to require people who reserve a space and get a placard to show that space is reserved. We want to put a deposit on those placards. Hopefully the people will be more likely to return them when their lease expires or when they change jobs,” said Tom Mainella, Mayor of the City of Fairmont.

Council said if the tags, equipment, or stickers are not returned that the leasee will forfeit the $25 deposit. The public hearing on the parking access deposit will be at the next council meeting on September 11.

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