Fairmont City Council sets groundwork for new drug ordinance


The City of Fairmont will be introducing a new drug ordinance.

The new ordinance would subject Fairmont property owners to fines if they do not take action to abate and prevent repeated illegal activity on their properties.

The goal behind the ordinance is to clean up the community by holding property owners accountable for what they allow on their properties.

By eliminating the source, repeated offenders will no longer have a place to commit crimes. The ordinance will be focused on properties that have shown repeated behaviors of illegal activities in the past. 

“Practically, again, to combat illegal activity that may include prostitution, gambling, drug usage, drug trafficking. Certainly we’ve heard from neighbors where we’ve had various problem properties throughout the city,” said City Manager Robin Gomez. “Our new ordinance will go a long way to correct that a little quicker than what we’ve been doing.”

The ordinance will be presented to council for a vote on June 26. If council adopts the ordinance, it will go to a public hearing on July 10.

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