WHITE HALL, W.Va. – White Hall Elementary School’s kindergarten classes have been learning the meaning of spreading kindness all year long. On Dec. 12, these classes gathered in the cafeteria to do an act of service this winter season.

The kids started off by practicing a few Christmas songs while tables were set up with craft items like paint, brushes and decorations. Afterwards, every kid got to play as an elf and choose a table to start creating gifts at. Each table had a different craft set up on it, with kids going over to multiple tables to create however many gifts they wanted. Some of the gifts included bird houses, ornaments and mini stockings. Some of the kids in the kindergarten classes even got to have a parent come and help them make the crafts.

Tracy Rogers and Gabrielle Jordan, kindergarten teachers at White Hall Elementary, discussed a plan to teach their class how to put the “kind” in kindergarten.

All year long, the kids have done many service projects to learn how it feels to be kind and give back. However, the students have not gotten to do many projects outside of the school yet due to COVID-19. In the Fall, the students got to make and sell lemonade, raising around $2,000 for “Cassie’s Toy Box.”

Rogers believes that kindness is like a ripple effect, and that every year, it can become bigger and bigger. She said, “every single day they’ve come in and said, “Christmas isn’t about getting stuff, it’s about giving.” and so, they’re already starting to see, and their parents have jumped on, we couldn’t have done it without the parents. It’s just the perfect age to start it. And the excitement is just in the air, and it’s just great.”

She also mentioned that as teachers, it is easy to get wrapped up in curriculum, and that kids may not remember everything they are taught, but they will always remember how teachers made them feel. She hopes this is a feeling they will never forget, and that they will only continue to pass it forward.

Jordan would like to thank the parents and community members who helped to make these projects possible, “without that support, this wouldn’t be as big as it is,” Jordan said.

The students will be taking the gifts and Christmas carols to a local nursing home on Dec. 15 at 6 p.m. Jordan and Rogers said they feel that the giving of these gifts will be something the students will always remember, because they put in a ton of effort to make the gifts and learn the songs.

The teachers have another project in the works for this upcoming Spring, but details were not given out just yet.