FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont Mayor Tom Mainella addressed the council Tuesday night and all those in attendance apologizing to the entire Bombard family over a dispute involving a parking issue outside of a daycare center.

The dispute occurred on September 10, where Bobby Bombard recorded a video of the mayor that has been circulating around on social media. One resident in attendance at the meeting spoke to the mayor and council regarding his apology while also asking the city manager as well as the attorney to look into a code of conduct for council as well as a social media policy.

“I want to apologize to the Bombards, all of them, I want to apologize to the staff of the City of Fairmont who had to suffer through the hate calls and the hate emails that they received. I really want to apologize to the police department, that I for some reason involved them in that incident. And I also want to apologize to my family because they have received the same hate calls that we have all got,” Mainella said.

At the end of the council meeting, council members went into an executive session to discuss personnel issues. After the meeting, adjourned council members stated that there could possibly be an agenda item for the next meeting regarding the dispute.

“I am very sorry it happened,” Mainella said. “It’s 100% on me nobody else. And I know that it was terribly embarrassing and unbecoming for the Mayor of the City of Fairmont to act like that. And I am sincerely sorry for what I allowed to happen that day.”

Also, at an earlier council meeting on September 14, Monica Bombard approached council at which time Mayor Mainella apologized to her and the children that were present at the time of the dispute.

Also, in regular business council unanimously adopted an ordinance authorizing the purchase of the Disability action Center to the Sanitary board. City officials stated the cost of purchase was $300,000 that plans are being looked at into turning the area into a green space.