FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — WVU Medicine’s Fairmont Medical Center is celebrating its two-year anniversary.

The medical center opened in June of 2020 which was three months after the old Fairmont Regional Medical Center closed. The center started with just an emergency department and 10 inpatient beds. It’s now expanded to offer many other departments including cardiology, neurology and imaging services.  

FMC celebrates two years open with employee appreciation (WBOY Image)

“Just the ED alone I think we’ve cracked over 40,000 patients that we’ve seen. So, it’s wildly successful and we’re happy to be here,” Aaron Yanuzo, vice president of operations for Fairmont Medical Center said. 

To commence the successful two years, staff members were treated to an appreciation fiesta lunch-in. 

“Being able to give back to the employees for all the hard work that they’ve done not only just here at Fairmont Medical Center but over the last two years, the pandemic and all the time and effort that they’ve put in and putting their lives at risk every day. So, it’s just something small to give to them to thank them for everything that they’ve done,” Yanuzo said.  

Yanuzo explained the hospital will be expanding even more. The plans include the addition of 42 more beds and four operating rooms. Those original plans were estimated to cost $110 million. Yanuzo said they’ll spend that, and maybe more because of supply chain inflation on prices.

WVU Medicine Fairmont Medical Center (WBOY Image)

“Some of the stuff that we buy is 25 to 30% more expensive than it was last year and that much if not more pre-pandemic. Some things like HVAC and heating and cooling are as much as 80 to 100% more expensive than they were last year,” Yanuzo said.  

Right now, the center has 225 employees, after the construction is completed and new departments open it will have nearly 450 employees, which could bring more attraction back to the region. 

“I’ve seen where hospitals close in communities and that community starts to die because they’re usually the largest employer. They help to bring economic development because companies want to come to those communities where they can have access to health care,” Yanzo said about the benefits of bringing the hospital back to life after Fairmont Regional shut down.  

He said the tentative date to start construction on the medical center’s physical plant is fall 2022 while the operating rooms are expected to be completed in 2024.