FAIRMONT, W.Va. — WVU Medicine’s Fairmont Medical Center (FMC) celebrated the opening of its main entrance during a ribbon cutting they held on the morning of August 5.

Along with the unlocking of the doors, the center has also updated its lobby, and received new signage.

The doors have been locked since before the center opened up, in which patients, families, and visitors had to come into the center through the Emergency Department. Patients have been asking for the entrance to be opened since the center opened two-and-a-half years ago.

Aaron Yanuzo, Vice President of Operations, mentioned that he has been listening to patient’s concerns and recommendations through emails. He wanted to help deliver what the community was asking for, so they updated paint, flooring, desks and more in the front lobby to make it more presentable for a better patient experience.

In the future, they want to put in a wall of dedication for the history of the organization and a wall for remembrance and artifacts that have dated back from the 1930s. They want to show people the building and the people who were apart of it for almost 100 years.

Yanuzo felt excited to have the ribbon cutting and opening on Friday, in which he said, “it’s nice to see the community come and support us and accept us with open arms. WVU Medicine, typically in the past, was a Morgantown or a Bridgeport thing, but now we’re a Fairmont thing, and a Marion County thing, so it’s very exciting that the community has adopted us and we have adopted them as well.”

Although FMC has done a lot of work and made a ton of change since it opened, their work is not finished yet. They are in the process of opening a few different projects they have been working on:

  • Out-patient sleep lab for those who need sleep studies
  • Pulmonology services and clinics in the Fall
  • 30-bed skilled nursing unit, which is a complete renovation of the second floor
  • Renovations on the fourth floor
  • Soon-to-be operating rooms and procedure rooms to bring surgeries to Fairmont