Fairmont Soup Opera seeks help from community

FAIRMONT, W.Va. - Christmas may be over, but the season for giving remains in full effect.

As many people wrap up their holiday giving traditions, the Fairmont Soup Opera does not stop working to help people in Marion County.

With volunteers providing more than 3,000 meals per month, employees said they cannot serve people in need to full capacity without the community's help.

"We feed a hundred plus meals every day, 365 days a year.  Doesn't matter whether it's Christmas or Easter.  You know, unfortunately there's people every day that need food in their mouths and to help put food on their tables.  That's what we are here for," said Jennifer Smith, Fairmont Soup Opera executive director.

Last year, the Soup Opera provided roughly 500 gifts for locals.  This year, pre-registration is almost double that.

"We need your help.  We can't do this, it takes a whole community to conquer what we do here, and without the 450 to 500 volunteers that come through here a year, it's not going to help," said Smith.

Starting in January 2019, the clothing room will re-open to allow guests to receive necessary hygiene items. 

For more information on how you can volunteer, visit the Soup Opera website or the Soup Opera Facebook.

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