FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont State University students are combining forensics and art for this year’s National Forensic Science Week.

“Evidence is a component of both of our fields. Whether it is a artistic intent and the roll of the artist’s point of view or the tools that they are using, they leave moments of evidence much like you will find at a crime scene and so we found a thread and we really wanted to bring our students together,” said Joel Dugan, chair of architecture art and design.

“Art of Evidence” is a collaborative project involving undergraduate students and faculty in both art and forensic science.

The theme of the exhibit is to give guests of the gallery a one-of-a kind experience to process each crime through evidence like fiber, bone, blood, fingerprints and DNA.

“People don’t know that forensic science actually needs a lot of art because you do crime scene reconstruction, facial reconstruction, so there’s a big component. Each area in this exhibit has the science behind a crime scene, and then art interpreted it as to how a layman person would see. So, I thought that was really exciting.” said Kristy Henson, assistant professor of forensic science.

The exhibit will run until September 25.