FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Fairmont State University’s campus buzzed with excitement Monday as new and returning students kicked off their first day of classes.  

The university welcomed new students, returning students and students who have taken some time off and come back. University President, Mike Davis is hopeful that students will continue to be engaged as the school year continues.

“I hope our students are engaged. At our opening meeting with the students, I told them I wanted them to show up. We’re going to offer lots of programming for them. We’re going to find ways to make sure they are included, but then it’s on them to make sure they show up, and I told them the more they show up, the more programs we’re going to offer, and the more vibrant campus we’re going to have because I want to see campus excited and engaged every day, as much as they are on the first day of school,” Davis said.

Davis made his way around campus to socialize with students in multiple locations around the university and see how their first day was going.

“I talked to some students who were buying food in the Nikel, and walking around in the student center and then I was under the tent for a little bit talking to students as they were looking for their classes and grabbing a snack before they went to class,” Davis said.

Davis said that he is happy to see everyone back on campus and to begin his first semester as President. He said that he hopes that everyone on campus has a wonderful school year.