As students across the state are preparing to go back to school or transition into a higher-ed institution, Fairmont State’s President, Dr. Mirta Martin feels that although challenges are inevitable her and her staff are very excited in how they’re making a change this coming year.

“So our goal is to not just to get you here, our goal is to make sure that you graduate and that’s what we all need to do. All of us in higher education, but specifically here at Fairmont State University. That is our goal of our faculty, that is the goal of the mission and that is something that we are going to steadfast about.” state Martin.

With State exclusive courses like F-A-A 141 Aviation program, Architecture and other key focuses in the academic realm, Martin confirmed that the campus is not only looking to grow the moral campus wise, but their connectivity within the community with public access restaurants

“The construction on Main Street of at the Falcon Center is where we will be opening a Chick-fil-A. Also, very recently we also have a Chilaca which is also a Chipotle type of Mexican style fresh food organic restaurant” confirmed Martin

Along with dining additions like Chick-fil-A and Chilaca, a Starbucks will also be in the works of being added to the interior of the bookstore making more of a one-stop-shop for visitors.

Martin said that with new opportunities that are presented, she wants each prospect and incoming student to understand that Fairmont State will walk them through each step of the way.

“A new course this year which we have called S.O.A.R. and it is the sign for first-time freshmen so that they know how to be successful in college. So we have asked for volunteers from our faculty and because I don’t ask faculty to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself, I will be teaching one of those courses” Martin said joyful.

Official move-in day for students will start August 8th with the first day of classes starting on Monday August 13th.