FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Many people were left with nothing just before the holidays after tornadoes ripped through parts of Kentucky. One Fairmont company is looking to help those affected get back on their feet.  

W.S. Thomas Transfer in Fairmont (WBOY Image)

W.S Thomas Transfer in Fairmont is collecting donations of any kind to give to the Mayfield community. They’re looking to fill an entire trailer with food, cleaning supplies, blankets, tarps and anything that people can use to get their life back together again.  

They’re also looking for donations of toys to give to kids, so they’ll all have a gift for Christmas. 

“You know, West Virginia’s a special state. We’ve got special people here in West Virginia, and it’s up to a lot of people,” said George Able, Operations Manager W.S Thomas. “I’ve been in this business for 40 years, and it’s Christmas time and I feel there’s a little bit of Santa Claus in all of us.”  

Able said he felt compelled to do something for that area and that they’ve already had a great response from the community. 

Items they’re still looking for people to donate are mattresses and bedding so that the people of Kentucky will have somewhere to sleep.  

Trailer to fill with donations at W.S. Thomas Transfer (WBOY Image)

Donations can be dropped off at W.S. Thomas in Fairmont on 1854 Morgantown Avenue or at Fitz Daycare in White Hall on 13 Opal Drive.  

The tentative date to drive the donations to Mayfield, Kentucky is Saturday, Dec. 18, but Able said they may push that back. Graves County Emergency Management and FEMA will distribute the donations when the trailer arrives.  

W.S. Thomas has provided relief efforts before. In the late 90s, they sent a trailer full of community donations to North Carolina after several hurricanes hit the state.