FAIRMONT, W.Va. – On Wednesday, Fairmont unveiled a second fire station for the city at 1020 Morgantown Avenue. 

The planning and building process took nearly six years to complete, and Fairmont fire officials had a hand in the design. They said they wanted to prioritize the health and safety for their firefighters by incorporating safety measures for equipment. 

Fairmont’s second fire station in Morgantown Ave. (WBOY Image)

“The cancers that we have through the United States and firefighters is caused by the containments that we bring back from the fires as well as diesel exhaust, and this is the station that’s addressed all those issues. It’s state of the art,” said Ed Simmons, Chief of Fairmont Fire Department.  

When designing the station, they also wanted it to be durable. That’s why most of the building is made of brick and metal instead of wood.

The total cost to build the station was $3,660,921.21, which Simmons said is 2% over the original budget. It can hold an engine truck, two EMS vehicles or a ladder truck at a time. 

Memorial for fallen Fairmont firefighters (WBOY Image)

The building replaces the old station in East Fairmont that sits just a block away and is now vacant. The old station was built in 1926 and was last renovated in 1984, according to Simmons. He said they don’t know what they will do with the old station just yet.   

The station also includes a new memorial for two fallen Fairmont firefighters, Captain Okey J. Shaw and Humphrey R. Taylor.