FAIRVIEW, W.Va. – Fairview Elementary School is using a new tool to help their students get focused for the day. 

The Marion County Maintenance Department recently installed a Sensory Path. 

The path was designed by a special education teacher in Mississippi who saw her students’ academic performances improve after receiving proper sensory input to desensitize them in her class. The path has students twist, turn, jump and recognize letters as a fun way to get their brains and bodies connected. 

Fairview Elementary students using the Sensory Path (WBOY Image)

“It’s important for students with sensory sensitivities but those aren’t always kids that are identified with special needs. They might just be somebody that needs to move more, has a little extra energy, needs to get up and move. Then the proprioception helps them get back on task and do things and sustain their cognitive processes,” Wendy Dillon, a special education teacher at Fairview Elementary School said.  

The sensory path can be used by all students in the school to get them back on track to learn at any time of the day.