FARMINGTON, W.Va. – Members from the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department say the Plum Run Station has been sparingly used over the previous couple of decades. Those same members are now in the process of revitalizing the station to help aid the community.

“We’re rehabbing the Plum Run Station for the Plum Run community,” Lieutenant Andrew Schwartz said. “We’re trying to get a fire truck back up in the area.”

They also said that redoing the station will help their response time in the area.

“Our main station is about 10-to-15 minutes away,” Captain John Garrison said. “It’s a pretty good drive (away,) it’s a rural area so we got tight roads, so it would be a lot easier if we had a truck out (at the Plum Run Station.)”

Currently, members with the department have put a new roof on the building and are now doing gravel work outside of the station to help keep water runoff away from flooding the station. They are hoping to add a new door, lights, insulation and more.

Members have also said that they hope to get the West Virginia Division of Highways to help them with the road beside the station, as well as protecting them from water run off.

As of now, members are looking to get the station functional within the next month. Renovations to the Plum Run Station were made possible through the Marion County Fire Levy that was passed.