FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Fairmont State University held its 2022 convocation on the afternoon of August 5 for its new incoming students.

The ceremony was to show students that this is the start of their academic journey, and that the journey is possible and that they have support from the staff when needed. Staff members even took turns introducing themselves to the class of 2026.

Dr. Timothy Oxley, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, wanted students to take away two things from the convocation. That it is possible for students to succeed and that there are plenty of resources at the University to help them do that. He also really wanted them to hear the message that how they act and choose to use their time at Fairmont State, will play a part in if they succeed or not.

There is a difference between college and high school education, the process is a bit different because the students have to take responsibility for their learning. This is why Oxley feels it is important to have the convocation to show them that they can do it, and they will have help along the way. He even believes that these students having the learning experience through the COVID-19 pandemic, it will give them the tools to help them succeed more in higher education.

Oxley also feels that this convocation could help prepare them for their first day of the Fall semester on Monday, in which he said, “so this also is another event to kind of bring them back to campus, and, and, get them involved in some of the other necessary things that they should get. You know, make sure that they have their parking decals, make sure they have their textbooks and those kinds of things so come Monday, they don’t have to worry about that. They just have to worry about their classes and worry about, you know, getting to the right class on time and in which building.”

After the convocation, there was a picnic and resource fair for the students. Free food along with being able to walk from table to table to see what resources are not only on campus, but in the community as well.

This was the first day of Fairmont State’s “Welcome Weekend,” in which they will still have a ton of activities to get involved with on Saturday and Sunday. These activities allow students to branch out and meet one another so that they recognize that there are other students in the same boats as them. It gives them a chance to meet people with the same interests so that they feel less alone in this new step of life.

For more information on Welcome Weekend, you can click here.