FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Fairmont State University held its Day of Action on Sunday in partnership with the Tygart Valley United Way. The school assembled a group of students to help five different organizations throughout the event.

Soup Opera, Celebration of Lights, Palatine Park and Tygart Valley United Way were four of the five organizations that received volunteers from FSU.

The Marion County Humane Society was also one of the organizations helped during the Day of Action, a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding homes for animals that don’t have one already. Students socialized with animals, cleaned litter boxes and scoops, and wiped down crates and carriers used for the animals.

Volunteers cleaning litterboxes and litter scoops (WBOY image)

Many of the animals at the Marion County Humane Society come from Marion County Animal control and pets given by owners who feel they can no longer care for them.

Animal Care Associate at the Humane Society, Frankie Spatafore, said they do everything they can to help the county by offering adoptions, spay and neuter assistance as well as blessing boxes that help with feeding pets.

“We don’t want anyone to have to surrender their animal. We want to do everything we can to keep the animal in their home,” Spatafore said.

“It is very helpful that Fairmont State came to see us today. We really do love volunteers, we really do appreciate volunteers, especially now in COVID times, our traffic is very low from the public, and unfortunately, our staff is still pretty low.”

With only six staff members, the Humane Society had to transition to appointments only. Spatafore said this helped keep the staff healthy, as losing just a single one would be a big blow to operations, but would also impart less stress to animals, who would see new people all the time, but rarely get to interact with them.

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