FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont State University concluded its weekend of commencements on Sunday with the graduates of the College of Business and Aviation.

University officials said that graduation is the culmination of the student’s hard work where nearly 100 walked across the stage accepting their diplomas. Those officials also stated that aviation has a strong business oriented core because they have two tracks in that program which are professional flight and aviation management.

“We are the oldest Part 141 Flight Training Program in the state that has our own in-house training program, we have our own training planes, we have our own flight staff,” said Timothy Oxley, Dean of Fairmont State University’s College of Business and Aviation. “We are starting to do a better job of off-boarding students with respect to expectations for jobs, how to prepare themselves mentally, how to prepare for interviewing for jobs, to appropriately dress for interviews. Also, how to present themselves on social media.”

Fairmont State University officials also said that the faculty at the university put a lot of time and energy into making the students better citizens, preparing them, and mentoring them for working and using their skills in the real-world workplace after graduation.