FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) – Fairmont State University (FSU) is helping high school counselors prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s college curriculum.

FSU held its inaugural West Virginia High School Counselor Day at the Falcon Center on campus Tuesday. The event is designed to provide counselors with more professional development, give information about statewide initiatives and help them be as ready as possible to assist students transitioning into college after high school.

“They’re the frontline of working with our high school juniors and seniors on how to get them through the process to get to college,” said FSU Asst. Vice President of Enrollment and Student Life Alicia Kalka about high school counselors. “So again, having these types of days helps them understand what are the new things that not only our high school seniors facing but also our freshmen in college are facing. So, they understand here’s what you might be facing once you go to college.”

Kalka said guest speakers also talked with counselors about specific issues including teaching students resiliency after experiencing trauma and understanding the new Loan Forgiveness Program.