FAIRVIEW, W.Va. (WBOY) — Marion County business Hometown Hotdogs and the people who support it, are celebrating a decade of taking care of the people in need in their community.

On Thursday, the restaurant celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Fairview Food Pantry Day, where 100% of hot dog sales go toward supporting the town’s local food pantry.

The restaurant’s owner, Kimberly Cyphers, said the community really pulls together during this annual event, hoping to keep the food pantry shelves stocked during the upcoming winter months.

“The community has made this business a success so it’s my obligation to give back to this community and the food pantry is just a wonderful vehicle,” said Cyphers. “They feed a lot of families. Especially now, times are tough. They do a great job.” 

The original goal of $500 has increased every year. This year, the community hoped to raise $15,000.