Hough Park hosts annual Labor Day Picnic


With it being Labor Day weekend, Hough Park in Mannington hosted its annual Labor Day Picnic as a way of celebrating the holiday.

“This is an annual get together, it’s truly a family picnic of all the working people and all the working families in Marion County and the surrounding counties,” said Senator Joe Manchin.

This picnic included free food and ice cream for all guests to enjoy as way of saying thank you for their continued work in the community.

“West Virginia has done everything she can to make this the greatest country in the world and it’s our day to say thank you for the hard working men and women and all those who came before,” said Manchin.

The president of the Marion County American Federation of Labor, Mark Dorsey, said this picnic was also a way of kicking off the campaign trail for all politicians in the area.

“It’s sort of to kick-off the campaign season, but most of all Labor Day, a day off just to to enjoy each other’s company,” said Dorsey.

Organizers said one of the main reasons for the political speakers at the picnic is to help remind the public the reason we celebrate this holiday.  

“Just to give thanks for what our four fathers have given us, such as the eight-hour work day, days off and vacation uh it’s just a great way to celebrate,” explained Dorsey.

“Anytime you get a chance to say thank you to the people that helped me be who I am and we’re out there working every day and I want to be sure they know we’re working for them, you and I and everybody else, you are who you are by where you were raised and who raised you, I’m home with the people that raised me,” said Manchin.

Dorsey said organizing for next year’s Labor Day Picnic will begin right away in hopes of continuing this yearly tradition.

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