FAIRMONT. W.Va. – The Marion County Humane Society held a fundraising kick-off campaign to raise $1.5 Million for its new shelter at the Rambling Root on Thursday. 

The humane society is accepting donations to help build their new shelter that will cost $2 Million in total. Officials stated that the kick-off event allows them to be able to talk to those interested in helping.  

“So, the facility that we are in is just under 3,000 square feet, it was built in 1974, over the years it has been renovated, and repaired, and it is woefully out of date, basically has no insulation, and it’s too small,” said Donna Long, President of the Marion County Board of Directors.  

Marion County Humane Society officials say that the new facility will be larger with ample rooms for dogs and cats. 

“It will be huge for the animals; it will be huge for the staff who are boots on the ground at the shelter. Just having access to the kinds of treatment facilities that we haven’t had in the past. We’ll have intake and isolation rooms for animals that are recovering or that are ill that will have negative air pressure, so much safer. All the animals will have outdoor spaces including the cats, they’ll have enclosed porches, so they’ll have that ability to have fresh air,” Long said. 

The new facility will also have a new and improved meet and greet rooms for families adopting and looking at an animal. Also, officials said the energy savings on the new facility will be a big cost saver. The new facility will be operating off of solar energy. 

“We’re really grateful again to Rambling Root for supporting us,” Long said. “We’ve got other fundraisers upcoming. We have a bike run in August, we’ll have a bingo in September, another bingo in December, and a lot of other fundraisers in between.”