FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Fairmont State University’s Academy of the Arts continued its summer programs with “Kids-Prov” on Monday.

Kids in grades 7 through 12 will attend an intensive one-hour class for five days to learn improvisation skills. To gain the skills, the kids will play mini theater games with each other to learn how to work “on the fly”.

Fairmont State (WBOY Image)

On Friday, they will show off what they have learned to their friends and families in a final performance.

Improv skills can help kids when they are in productions and in real-life scenarios.

“Students take the skills that they learn with us and if they have to do a presentation at school or they’re speaking in front of their class or a graduation if they’re a speaker, these skills help across the board. So, they are comfortable getting up in front of their classmates, they are comfortable getting up in front of a group of people speaking,” Leigh Anne Riley, Fairmont State’s performing arts program director said.  

The improv class will run until Friday, July 29. The last day to register to join the class will be Tuesday, July 26.

Other summer events the Academy of the Arts will host this summer are “Act the Zoo!” in August for grades Kindergarten through 3 and “Scene Study – Exploring ‘The W’s'” in August for grades 4 through 12.