FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Main Street Fairmont hosted their second Hometown Market for the season on June 11. 

The theme June’s market was Hometown Spirit. Different vendors came to sell their products, and members of the Fairmont Rotary Club held a flag coloring contest for the kids.

The Main Street Fairmont director said activities like the Boy Scouts presenting the colors, and playing patriotic music, was their way of honoring Flag Day.

“We have so many veterans in the area and this is such a patriotic area that we wanted to honor the flag. With Flag Day coming up, we thought it was a perfect theme for this month’s hometown market. These hometown markets give home-based businesses another market for their products. Our goal is to hopefully grow those businesses to a point that they could occupy a store front downtown at some point in time,” said Dan Swiger, executive director of Main Street Fairmont.

There will be an antique car show on the third Saturday of July on Monroe Street for the third Main Street Fairmont Hometown Market.