FAIRMONT, W.Va. – On Wednesday, Marion County Commissioners came together for their biweekly meeting and voted on levies for 2022.

Oct. 20 Marion County Commission meeting

The Commission approved three organizations to be on the 2022 ballot for a levy.  

A levy allows citizens of the county to vote if they would like to keep and fund the organization and the services they provide.  

The Marion County Parks and Recreation department, the Marion County Public Library and the Fairmont Marion County Transit Authority were all approved for three separate levies during the meeting.  

“You can vote for two and not for one or one and not for two; it doesn’t make any difference, but all three pass about the same percentage wise,” Marion County Commissioner Randy Elliott said. “They’re all three important because of what they provide for the citizens of Marion County and the quality of life that they give is here.” 

Elliott said in a county as big as Marion County, you hope to have the quality of life where you can send your children to the library. 

 “It’s important because people use the libraries, Elliott said. “They provide a ton of services that the old libraries didn’t used to do. They’ve got computers, they’ve got modern technology, they do things for the citizens of the community, they provide a place to get copies and get signatures when you need notorization. They provide a lot of services that people don’t realize that they do. They’re important.”  

Elliot also said the quality of life is important for the Parks and Recreation department.  

“You have to have something for people to do to keep them here or they’ll go somewhere else,” Elliott said. “That’s why we put an emphasis on our parks and recreation and Palatine Park and our wave tech pool.” 

He added that the Transits Authority does so much for Marion County. 

“They help the senior citizens; they help the veterans. They provide rides for them, and they go to every corner of Marion County to give rides to a doctor’s appointment or something you need to go to. They’re there to provide that,” he said.  

The levies are voted on every four years. These levies will be voted on in May 2022.