FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Marion County Commission is using funds from its “rainy day fund” account for unanticipated expenses.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the commissioners announced that they will be taking nearly $780,000 from the commission’s rainy day fund to put in the general fund. The rainy-day fund is made up of extra tax dollars that were set aside over the years.

The money will be used for air conditioner and elevator repairs in the J. Harper Meredith Building and Marion County Courthouse.

Marion County Commissioners (WBOY Image)

Marion County Commissioner Randy Elliott said the elevator repairs will cost nearly $80,000 while the air conditioner repairs add up to nearly $50,000.  

The rest of the borrowed funds will be used to cover fuel costs, insurance costs and more.  

The commissioners said the rainy day fund is put together for situations just like this and they are glad to have it.

“When you have the things that happen in the courthouse that need attention and need to be fixed, you need to fix them. So, the money is there. We didn’t borrow any money, we didn’t have to borrow any more, it was there because we set it there aside for situations like this and there’s an instance where we used it,” Elliott said.  

Elliott said nearly $2.3 million will remain in the rainy-day fund after the withdrawal. Elliott also added that the funds will be put back into the rainy-day fund in September when they receive more tax dollars.