FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion County Family Resource Network (FRN) has a new chief executive director, website and logo.

On July 13, Shannon Hogue was appointed to the Chief Executive Director position and says she is excited to get started.

“So, I’m really excited to work, we have an amazing new office staff. We have some really exciting events coming up, so I’m really excited to share that throughout the year and what’s happening and just expanding the vision and the mission of the FRN and making it a stronger better FRN than Marion County has seen before,” said Shannon Hogue

The FRN is a non-profit agency and partner of the Tygart Valley United Way. They serve as a group of networks that work together to help meet the needs of children and families in Marion County.

On Aug. 9, the FRN also launched a new website with a new logo at marioncountyfrn.com.

FRN new website. (WBOY Image)

“So we have a new logo, and we have a new kind of twist on things. It’s the same care, same mission with a different logo,” said Hogue, “We want to really collaborate and partner with other agencies in Marion County to just make a stronger Marion County for the folks who live here.”

This brand new website features a page with an upcoming events tab that FRN officials say makes it easier to see what’s coming up in Marion County.

“It’s going to not only have the things the FRN is doing, but things that our other community partners are doing,” Hogue said.

Shannon Hogue was the previous Executive Director of CASA of Marion County.

“This [job] is more community-wide and so it gives me a chance to really get to know the parts of Marion County that’s just not specific to downtown. So the outlier communities, some communities that I may have not been familiar with in my previous role and see what the needs are there and see what we can do as a resource to be able to bridge those gaps to fill those needs,” said Hogue.

To contact the Marion County Family Resource Network. (WBOY Image)

To find out more information on the FRN Facebook page click here.