FAIRMONT, W.Va. – A Marion County organization is receiving help from one local energy company to help fill the gap in single family homes and assist new families as they grow.

Marion County Family Resource Network received a $5,000 check from the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation Wednesday afternoon for new parents to assist with education and supplies.

“The more that a father stays in the home the more likely the children are to succeed and we want to make sure that we really get that message out so it’s just going to increase the effect on making Marion County better.” said Frank Jarman, director of FRN.

The money will also assist with the FRN’s “Connection Cafe For New Parents” program. The event will help spread knowledge and resources to those starting a new family.

“We have always had a strong foothold in our communities. We have a a lot of facilities and employees in the communities and we feel that it’s an important thing to give back to those communities that we serve.” said Christine Mitchell, spokesperson for Dominion Energy.

The Community Cafe for New Parents will take place October 12 at First Baptist Church on Fairmont Avenue.