FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion County Humane Society has moved to a temporary location as it prepares to demolish the old shelter.

Starting back in March, the Humane Society has moved its equipment and animals from its former Locust Avenue location to 864 Husky Highway.

Sign outside of the Marion County Humane Society location at Locust Avenue. (WBOY – Image)

Humane Society workers have been trying to spread the word to make it easier for people to find their current location and four-legged friends.

“We try to post it as much as we can, like whenever we first moved here we was posting pictures, videos, and everything we can think of at our new temporary location at 864 Husky Highway,” Marion County Humane Society worker Lashanda Sandy said.

The shelter announced its finalized plans to tear down the old shelter and start from scratch back in February. The no-kill shelter is accepting donations to build the new $1.5 million facility and recently received a sizeable donation from the Marion County Commission.