Marion County residents are finding themselves confused and frustrated after reports of uncounted election votes surface.

Residents are left with questions after a community page on Facebook posted the information on votes not counted from this previous election race. 

57 uncounted votes were discovered by one of the county clerks during the crediting process from a malfunctioned machine in precinct 36, located at the Fairmont Senior Freshman Building.

“We are trying to discover all of the facts and to find out rather it was a mechanical error or human error and that’s what we are trying to get to the bottom of.” said Ernie VanGilder, Marion County commissioner.

Vangilder confirmed that the issue has been reported through the necessary ranks of state and county officials and they plan on find a resolution.

Since the election has already been certified,county clerks office and election officials will need permission from a circuit court judge to make the decision on how to handle the circumstance. The request to count the missing ballots hasn’t been fully drafted and submitted yet.

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