Mario’s Pizza reopens in new location after fire earlier this year


Valentine’s Day is typically a time when people smile, but that wasn’t the case for Mario’s Pizza owner, Linda Mascolino last February.

“I received a phone call about 5:45 and it said that there was smoke coming out of the building. I was there in about 15 minutes, by the time I got there, there were flames coming out of the roof,” said Mascolino. “My first thing was what am I going to do it’s my livelihood for my grandchild and I.”

Wanting to escape a nightmare come true, that’s when she said her guardian angel appeared.

“All of a sudden an arm came around and it was the owner of Red Dot, Mark Morris. I felt that he was my guardian angel that day,” said Mascolino.

Morris, the owner of Red Dot Pharmacy, now Mario’s Pizza’s new location, reassured her that everything was going to be okay while the city of Mannington came together, including David Harris who was shortly hired after helping to save what he could.

“There’s a whole lot of people that came down and helped, not just people that work there, a lot of people came down. There was so much to take out, like the ovens, those were 1200 lb of 1,200 lb a piece, so we had to have a lot of people to move those. It was just a lot of people down to help,” said Harris.

Linda said if it wasn’t for the unfortunate fire, she would never had found the strong love for Mannington like she has now during her new grand opening.

“From the grace of God and this little town this has become my home and I feel good in Mannington West Virginia. Till this day I wake up every morning and feel that I’ve had a dream and when I wake up and come here again I’m like wow it’s not a dream, this is life. I feel like I got a brand new home.” Mascolino said.

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