FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) – Marion County Schools are cracking down on vape usage.  

The county commission recently purchased three sets of metal detectors that the schools can use. Each detector can be set to a different sensitivity, with one mode being able to detect any vapes that students may try to bring into schools.

Donna Heston, the superintendent of Marion County Schools, said they, like many other schools in West Virginia, have been experiencing problems with vapes with THC being brought into schools. 

“The metal detectors were something that our student voices shared with us when we asked them what would deter vape usage in their opinion in our schools. That was something that came out of the mouths of the students is metal detectors,” Heston said.  

The detectors will be used in North Marion High School this week for a trial run to see if the board of education wants to expand them to more schools. 

The detectors cost nearly $54,000 and will also be used at sporting events during the trial.