WHITE HALL, W.Va. – Michaels has been situated in Middletown Commons for about a month now, and on Sept. 17 they held a grand opening.

Officials say during the past month, associates have been getting used to the area and learning the products in preparation for the grand opening. The event was intended to welcome the local community.

This store has three self checkout registers. All new Michaels stores will have self checkouts, and existing Michaels are adding them in.

“We love interacting with our makers and the people that come in doing different crafts and everything. We love to be in a growing community, a new center, so were really excited to be here and just celebrate it with them. I think it is a wonderful location, we love the commons, we’re very excited to be here as they’re building and growing, we look forward to all the customers that are going to be coming in and just the growth of the area,” said Teresa Majercin, Michaels Store Manager.

Michaels is set up and ready for Halloween, with many new decorations already on display.