FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Fairmont Community Development Partnership is moving forward in its efforts to revitalize the old YMCA building on Fairmont Avenue in Fairmont. On Wednesday, MVB Bank awarded the partnership $3,157.50 to help turn it into commercial space and living spaces.   

“There’s not a whole lot of vacant properties to build large situations like this, so we want to reuse what’s available to us. It’s more economical, it’s better for the environment, all sorts of things like that, to be able to reuse what we have and make it good,” Executive Director of the Fairmont Community Development Partnership, Kayleigh Kyle said.

Old YMCA building in Fairmont (WBOY Image)

Kyle added that they wouldn’t be able to move forward with the project without this money.

The construction to get the building to where it needs to be will include taking the HVAC system out of the third floor to make it usable and cleaning up the exterior of the building while maintaining its historical significance. The project is expected to cost a total of $8 million to complete, according to Kyle.  

The donation provided by MVB Bank allows the partnership to apply for state and federal historic tax credits that could potentially provide more than $1 million of funding. 

“This is important to the mission of MVB’S community development corporation to really support local communities and really the heart of the community to put buildings back into the tax role but also to preserve historical structures as well,” said Martin Howe, president of MBV community development corporation.

The building was originally built in the early 1900s and was first used as a YMCA center. In 2009, the owners of the Moose Lodge No. 9 sold the building to FCDP. Officials said construction could take up to 18 months to start.