FAIRMONT W.Va. – The national supply shortage is affecting the supply of ammunition for hunting rifles at gun and ammo stores in north central West Virginia.

At ATR Performance, getting inventory has become increasingly difficult and more expensive. Ammo shortages have been going on for over a year since the number of licensed hunters drastically increased in 2020.

Distributors are able to raise the price because stores have no option but to buy from them so they can meet their customer demand. West Virginia first started this rise in amma prices during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many businesses have seen the impact.

“The ammo [for] hunting has really been affected, so 30-30, 243… any of the classic West Virginia hunting guns you would think of its really hard to get ammo for right now. We really just never know when it’s going to be available for them to get it to us, so you have to keep trying if you need it,” said Ryan Tacy, ATR Performance Sales Representative.

According to Tacy, when getting their shipments, they are seeing as little as two boxes of ammunition for some rifles. The ATR Performance store has an assortment of ammunition for handguns, but not for hunting rifles.

Tacy said there’s no projected time for when this shortage will be over.