FAIRMONT, W.Va. – For National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 20, the Marion County Public Library system made sure everyone has access to a ballot this November. 

On Tuesday, all three of the libraries in Fairmont, Fairview and Mannington set up tables to help people register to vote. People were able to come in and fill out a form in just a few minutes then staff took care of the rest by securing them and mailing them out.

WV Voter Applications (WBOY Image)

“As a library we are here for the public … we want them to understand that it’s important for them to vote because it effects all the public resources, it effects your community, it effects everything around you,” Cara Simms, the Marion County Public Library public relations manager, said. 

Simms said that sometimes people don’t realize that if they move or if they have changed their name that they need to update their registration. The registration day is also a way to get new voters ready to cast a ballot in the election.  

Register to vote here poster (WBOY Image)

“It’s your future so you need to have some say in it, especially (to) support your community and you’re paying taxes so you might as well,” Simms said about the younger generations’ importance in voting.  

Voter registration can also be completed online here.

The General Election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 8.