FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The typical backyard picnic just got a makeover.

Chelsea Westfall is the owner and creator of Picture Perfect Picnics that offers luxury picnics for all occasions.

Chelsea Westfall
Courtesy: Picture Perfect Picnics

“I got to turn my hobby into a reality and an actual business that I really, really enjoy, so it’s the best of both worlds really,” Westfall said. “What you’re really paying for and getting is the experience of just being able to come, have fun, eat some good food and then go home without having to lift a finger.”

Westfall said a luxury picnic is like having an elegant meal with comfort while staying in style.  Her inspiration to start her business came from her love of food and design.

“It used to be just a blanket and a coffee table,” Westfall said. “But what it used to look like and what it looks like now, I’ve really grown off of what I’ve learned and tried to build it into where it now really does look like a luxury picnic.  Anyone can throw together a blanket, and some furniture and some food, but i think you really have to have a vision to make it really flow.”

Westfall said her ideas for her business really started growing when COVID hit, and she knew people missed the atmosphere of eating out but still wanted to distance and stay safe.  As the only employee for Picture Perfect Picnics, she balances her hobby and a full-time job at Fairmont State University. 

“I go to work, and then I spend every weekend, all weekend, working on my picnics,” Westfall explained.  “It is so much fun. I really, really enjoy it.” 

Nine different luxury picnic packages are offered, but each is completely customizable.  Westfall said business is booming so much that she is fully booked for June and is now booking for the late summer and fall.