FAIRMONT W.Va – The Rugged and Unique store in Fairmont opened with brand new items.

The store on White Hall Boulevard used to be a thrift store, but it now sells specialty Amish items.

Owner Shirley Webb got the idea from a friend that told her Amish items were really popular now. So she closed up her four-year thrift store and sent out an order to Ohio for specialty Amish items.

Webb stated that the community is excited about the store since it is the only place that exclusively sells Amish items close to Fairmont.

The store sells jams, cheeses, beef jerky, pie fillings, popcorn, Amish butter and so much more– with fresh new items every Monday. Webb explained that some customers stated that her store is the only place where they can find some of their favorite products.

“It’s all homemade from the Amish population back in Ohio,” Webb said. “Their gardens are very big very plentiful and they do a lot of their own canning and preparing and they make their own butter and products, which is healthier for everybody and so that’s what makes it very outstanding.”

Webb explained that opening the store was just phase one, and in phase two, she plans to put in a deli for the fresh sliced meats and cheeses.

In honor of the grand opening the store is selling $5 raffle tickets for a basket of items. All the proceeds will go to Veterans.