FAIRMONT, W.Va. – It was an evening of laughs, fun and boxing in Fairmont on Saturday evening, thanks to NECCO, a foster care organization that helps children in West Virginia and three other states.

Officials for the event said today was all about having fun and raising awareness.

“We want to show the community that we’re out here.”

Nicci Hawkins, Foster Parent Recruiter for NECCO

And NECCO did just that by holding ‘No Holds with Necco’ Family Night at Palatine Park in Fairmont. Many organizations were in attendance, including Bikers Against Child Abuse and No Holds Boxing and Fitness.

“We try to team up and join any outreach, especially, we built a good relationship and get to know NECCO,” said Chapter President of North Central West Virginia Bikers Against Child Abuse “Bama.”

BACA members only use nicknames to maintain their personal privacy and the privacy of the organization.

A member of Bikers Against Child Abuse holds a teddy bear while giving a presentation to the audience

The evening started with a presentation from BACA, and then went straight into a beginner’s boxing class, led by Keith Barr, a local boxing gym owner.

“This is such a good way with kids that have anxiety, anger issues, to just teach them another way, another outlet,” said Keith Barr, Owner of No Holds Boxing and Fitness.

Kids learned basic boxing moves, before moving on to some team building exercises. And, after all the physical work was done, kids were able to enjoy the Star Wars movie “Return of the Jedi”.

Nicci Hawkins learns boxing with the group

But while the kids and parents had fun, Saturday was about one goal.

“Open up to the community. Show them that we’re out here. We want to get our name out there so that the families can come, ask questions if they’re interested in becoming foster parents,” said Hawkins.