FARMINGTON, W.Va. – North Marion High School held a mock DUI Accident on Thursday to let students know the reality they could face if they choose to drink & drive.

“This right here is amazing. I think giving them the visual of seeing it rather than hearing it, rather than just reading about it, I mean the representation and how the students are able to walk up to it and see the accident,” said Lisa Henline, Assistant Principal at NMHS.

With prom coming up on Saturday at NMHS, students watched as first responders worked on a realistic car crash involving three high school students who were drinking & driving.

Henline said, “As a mom seeing them place someone in that body bag, I just hope that it hits them to when if they get put in that situation they make the correct choice,”

The mock DUI accident is a reality check for students to help them realize what could happen if they got behind the wheel after drinking.

“So it’s important to get it out to high school kids, as their driving skills are still developing, as they are a little bit more susceptible to the effects of alcohol and other substances. So, when they do that we need to make them more aware of what the circumstances could be for them, their future,” said Ben Tacy, Safety and Training Officer.

Rescue officials said that every day 28 people die from distracted and drunk driving; that’s one person every 52 minutes.

Ben Tacy said, “If circumstances do happen {and you did drink} that they please call a friend, family member, loved one, somebody to get them safely home.”

School officials wanted to thank all the agencies who came out and participated, HealthNet, Farmington Fire Dept., Mannington Fire Dept., Marion County Sheriffs Dept., Marion County Rescue Squad, and 911 dispatchers.